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Project Description
This is very basic aspx image gallery project. I created this project to show my twin kids birthday pics.
I want to create an image gallery where I just need to put the pics in folder and page will start reading the files from it and showing on page. I have used lambda expression, linq to object, paging is also implemented.

This code is written in 4.0. It is the quick first release. I have few enhancements in my mind which I will publish in next version upgrade.

Technology used: 4.0
prettyPhoto plugin
Lamda expression & LINQ to Object

This gallery site requires only few modifications and it is ready to run/host. Just put all the photos in "Photos/Gallery" folder.


Important Note:
You will need VS2012 to open this project.
If you are asked to connect to TFS server, just ignore/cancel it.

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